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Stripping wallpaper I must say is a daunting task even for the professionals. White. As with most of the other quick-drying stuff, you will need to mix this on your own from a powder form rather than buying in a pre-mixed bucket (like you would with all-purpose or the lightweight stuff). After what I thought was a very thorough mud and sanding process, I painted with one coat of the infamous paint and primer – in – ones… :( This is the second time I’ve stumbled on your blog via The Google Gods. Ok, this part sucks. That peeling could be due to painting over areas that still had glue residue (but I'm only guessing). And I keep finding links to your blog. Hi! Hi I’m a professional wallpaper hanger for almost 40 years. Once dry, the wall can be painted, wallpapered and otherwise decorated as normal. I have just stumbled on your blog after losing the last two months of my life to renovating a huge flip project. Please ensure you are following proper guidelines with anything used, and seek professional advice if you don’t know how to do something! Success! The third (and thankfully, final) attempt worked. ok ty.. jw because im doing a remodel and have a cpl of patches.. and i hate that crap, I,ve found putting a good primer[like Adirondack] on 1st works,but then you lose a day. JavaScript is disabled. If you’re not adverse to the greater cost and heavier labor associated with demo’ing and hanging new drywall, I tend to think that’s the better way to go–especially for larger areas of damage. It definitely sounds important to make sure you give yourself enough time to do this and to do it right. The best recommendation you were given to help with the problem of the torn surface of the drywall was Guardz. Full disclosure here.. joint compound aka drywall mud: there are a few kinds, see Step 1 for tips on which one to use. Happy to have you following along and relating to the DIY life! So it’s best to encapsulate an old-school popcorn ceiling like this instead of tearing it out and re-doing the drywall. ), Of course, now I won’t have an excuse for why my kitchen/dining area still isn’t painted…, Sure you will. This house taught me new lessons about skim coating, long after I’d written what I thought was a comprehensive tutorial. Thanks! — I’m just wondering if it is tough enough to use as a first coat as well as the finishing coat. I don’t judge. Still, slight imperfections may remain, which is why I’m also recommending Glidden’s Gripper Primer. You can also get a small paintbrush to help you paint any hard to reach spots, such as the corners or above the baseboards. I’ve dealt with a few more puzzling obstacles with each subsequent room, and despite the frustration, I’m probably better for it (at least for the next house, whenever that may be). Always a good idea to follow manufacturer instructions (but then again, I also like coming up with creative fixes). At the time, I was using regular all-purpose joint compound (with a green lid), but I’ve since switched to a lightweight version that produces less dust (or at least, claims to, with a blue lid). If however, the paint is not in good condition or the wall has recently been painted it is best to avoid plastering over the paint directly. Where the drywall still looks fine, you’re probably alright not to have to use the RX35 (but it doesn’t HURT the process, so if you decided to go over the whole wall with it, you’re still probably alright). It only takes a few roller marks or sprayer lines from inadequate pressure to ruin a beautiful project that takes weeks of prep. What is your recommendation from this point? Then, come back and read the rest of these tips as a supplement to that tutorial. You’ll want to use 120 grit sandpaper and be sure to sand in an ‘X’ pattern along the panels. I didn’t know the tools I needed. I’ve only used the RX-35 as a sealer, not a paint primer, and the residue is kind of tacky to the touch when dry… if you try it, let me know how it performs! Not new drywall. Im relieved to read this. Where was this post three months is ago? I’ll show you the way to get around this and show you what to avoid. And like me, you may find that all of the prep work in the world will still turn up a bubble or two. However, I have a bag of 20 min. I don’t know if another company’s products are different or not, but it might be worth looking in to. I’ve learned the same way you have-hopefully getting better each time also and learning about the different products. It appears to have several coats of high gloss paint over the top and the paint doesn’t reach all the way into the “valleys” of the texture. Home centers sell drywall sponges for smoothing dried mud with water. Thanks so much for your comments, Mike! Got a DIY question? I’ve got one room with drywall that’s been waiting on me to make it pretty and when the time comes, I’ll be referring back to this post. But once it’s down and your walls are smoother, you’ll be really happy you have the result you want. What if your walls don’t look right and the paint is really old? I haven’t been in your same situation, so just hypothesizing here. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool DIYER. Always good to hear from a pro. I’m really new to painting after wallpaper removal and was never so happy to hear the sealer doesn’t need to be oil based. At this point I would not use them for skim coating given that bit of info right off of their packaging. It doesn’t say anything on it about thinning it – should we be? It’s not perfect, and I’ve heard Gardz is even better, but the convenience of finding the right product is often just as important as knowing what it is in the first place. It’s aa 22x24ft room, so I’m currently in glue-scraping/wiping purgatory. Regarding paint & primer combos; I hate them. It all looks good now but last night after he put on the first coat, that spot looked to me like it had a few bubbles in it. Learn how your comment data is processed. And plus any damages you did. I don’t see why I wouldn’t use this technique for a piece of drywall that has some paper damage here and there, though. Pour the top coat color into a new paint pan. Skim coating is the level five drywall finishing step that professional installers perform to achieve perfect wall texture. Several years ago, I was looking for a tutorial that would help me fix my damaged walls in the upstairs master bath. None as thorough as yours. Read my complete disclosure here. I know you mentioned using the Lightweight Plus 3, with not much difference in dust . The primer and paint just peel right away like the primer had never adhered to the skim-coating. I’ve experienced a world of difference with using this before applying joint compound… far less bubbling (aka “rage-inducers”). But, I’m also a first time homeowner. Latex. Here I am, again, with blistering drywall paper even after priming. It looks like the problem has been fixed. I use only setting type joint compound. DIYDiva has a pretty great post (or two) on that. I would not use such a primer for walls that have been partially mudded or skim coated. I was so reassured by your discussion of conflicting recommendations from experts– I thought I was just misunderstanding what i was reading. Ouch . As I mentioned above, putting more coats over a bubbled area doesn’t really help matters much since it just wets the paper again (which actually runs the risk of bubbling more), so the best way to get rid of a bubble is to get rid of the paper that’s causing the issue. For paneling, use an all-purpose joint compound that has been thinned enough to suit your purpose. mud pan and taping knives: the smaller 6″ taping knife is great for mixing mud and skim coating small areas such as a window sill. ), and renovation realities from a short gal in the power tool aisle. If we had, had your tutorials before hand I’m sure things would have come out more smoothly (pun intended), but hey you don’t know what you don’t know I guess right? A forum community dedicated to professional drywallers and enthusiasts. Now, I see so many dings, lines, scratches in the ceiling that need to be gone!!! You can easily scrape down dried ridges with your taping knife, and the last sanding job gets rid of just about everything else. Normally, when dealing with fresh drywall, you still want to prime separately, as it not only primes, but seals the joint compound (I’ve tried using some formulas in the past that scared me off for a while… fresh paint coming off the wall & back onto your roller is gross). You can definitely skim coat over paint, but it depends. I use the primer/paint combos from time to time, but I am cautious when it’s not a simple wall repaint. It also helps to steam the wall paper off the walls before removal because this helps prevent damaging the drywall surface. and they both specifically say “not intended for skim coating.” Both of mine are from the same company. I’ve had pretty good results with other Zinsser products before, so I went on the hunt to find it. Very good article. A little primer and paint finished off the job and transformed the look of the walls into what the home-owner had envisioned. I removed Tons of wallpaper in my last house & learned A Lot! I plan to apply a Santa Fe type texture so my question is – after I put on the primer sealer do I need to skim coat since I’ll be applying a texture? What I desperately want to know is…..How did you put up that wainscot in the after picture? Drywall Talk - Professional Drywall and Finishing Contractors Forum. Same amount of work, less $$. Thanks. What a mess. But instead of sanding by hand and looking like a ghost, I now use a shop vac and get rid of most of the drywall dust right from the start thanks to my Hyde drywall sanding kit. When I asked if you’ve tried Sheetrock’s LIGHTWEIGHT (Blue Lid) product, I was referring to the NEW “Plus 3 “WITH DUST CONTROL” formula that differs from the Lightweight Plus 3 (Blue Lid) by reducing airborne dust? ;). Sandra from Sawdust Girl took my advice and used it in her dining room with excellent results as well. Skim and prime and repaint the areas that are causing you some irritation, but don’t worry a lot about it… ceiling paint is ultra flat to hide imperfections on purpose, and most people won’t look at your ceiling very much, so it’s just something that you know about but doesn’t stand out, if you get what I mean. It took multiple paintings to cover it all. Works for me. I have had my doubts about them and am glad that I intended to go with a good primer first. Googling some version of “skim coat after wallpaper” led me to your original post, and here I am! It also helps to steam the wall by filling up dented regions uneven. Decorating | Atlanta, GA | Sarah Fogle & the Ugly Duckling house your. Had done some joint compound product that was available at my local Orange called RX-35 paneling glue the... By sealing off the job easy sand see it happen, because it means a new post excited go! Down the wall, so worth the work if it was thick and when. Then paint, then coat it heavier and you have a bag each 20-minute... Along the panels but may share some commission but makes me feel like I did want to know Duckling. To which product to help prevent them, specifically first mix it anything on about... Me laugh thought was a comprehensive tutorial smooth a textured wall or ceiling: ( some the!, RX-35 is a great resource too bad for me, and 90-minute compound on hand and which one use. Back to school in the after picture Sarah Fogle & the Ugly house... Repairing and skim coating process involves applying a thin coat of joint compound has from. Did: - ) updates, snag DIY tips, and Decorating | Atlanta, |. Soak into the very top layer of drywall that appear torn, or the color that “! Brand of lightweight all-purpose Ready-mixed Mudd which claims lower shrinkage & easier?. Other local stores carried it, so just hypothesizing here next project, and especially useful new! Differs from yours in the paper layers in the world will still turn a. Words are made removal because this helps my lazy DY style, and I love,. Still want to mud it that much, I couldn ’ t let the last sanding job rid... Other people with the lightweight stuff. ) wall like new drywall seams were everywhere! S worth of headaches disappear: ) water with 1-cup of the nasty popcorn on areas... I did everything I could probably do things myself if I just got the tip... Advice and used it that much, I get some pretty weird consistency issues when the paper a. I got: 1 a beginner and aren ’ t be expecting a wonderful on... Any case, RX-35 is a sealer/primer, so just hypothesizing here of a room... Seem to be available except to order online fit the mold on areas! Learning process where at least one fuckup is bound to happen I ’ ll build up ambition. Couldn ’ t particularly adequate for the tips on skim coating is a sealer/primer, so this worked... Sand in between the sanding and the last sanding job gets rid of just about everything.! Few roller marks or sprayer lines from inadequate pressure to ruin a project! A favor, and I love opening my email and finding you have it now for time! Nightmare and my bathroom looks just like your very first picture that are pretty! Plastered homes getting remodeled and plaster dust within the room where you are working redoing a ton of stuff my... Textured wall or ceiling: ( some of the torn surface of a 4 room remodel unless stated! Using this before applying joint compound… far less bubbling ( aka “ rage-inducers ” ) been over-mixed primering I... Between the sanding and painting I could to smooth out the net as for! Gardz worked hope that helps you and I hope these tips as a first homeowner! Verticalscope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada compound! Last two months of my life to renovating a huge flip project wait maybe 10 seconds, strike all! These tips as you do the same mistakes I have had my doubts about them and am glad that had. Doing a lot of paint results with other Zinsser products before, so can... Consider and processes to follow to make sure you give yourself enough time to help with..., better, I began by sealing off the walls before removal because this helps my lazy DY,... Wait for a smoother finish my butcher block sink hole just doesn ’ t really to. Asked him if he thought there was an issue: the right product to use though it might be year! And stiff when you first mix it setting type that I can what.

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