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In addition to debt collection the company also offers management services. Thanks Mike! Keep delivering great information. (Pays to keep your balances at zero. This could be a family member at your home, or it could be someone at your workplace. Ask a Question. By I sent 9 letters out and of course, they all came back as valid debts. They called upon the government to tackle the problem of irresponsible lending and intimidating collection tactics. Most would thank getting your credit repair is a scam. When you are signing up, so they can collect their fee, you can reach an associate … Understanding how debt collection agencies operate can help you defend yourself against them. Usually, there are daily and monthly bonuses and each collection they make contribute to that bonus. You indicated in your support email that you already have a credit score in the excellent range. Plus, the site has a money-back guarantee backing their system. You’ll know how to create an action plan to regain control over your finances. Debt collectors like Credit Solutions Ltd come in several forms…. Nor is it just relentless phone calls. 2.9. Find your best debt solution (in 1 minute! Her honor was not happy. Debts collectors are only likely to write off your debt if they are no longer legally allowed to chase you. Seriously, you will not find any other results like The Credit Solution Program. Understandable. MoneyNerd will only refer you to a properly authorised debt solution provider or credit broker authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. If you’re eligible for the new government scheme, you could write off up to 85% of your debt! Credit Solutions Lawsuit: Credit Solutions is a scam.. Follow my ‘prove it’ guide with letter templates and get them to prove that you owe the money. Please engage with us, we will help you in a way that best suits your personal circumstances. The second one pulled the judge's chain several times and got continuances. But it’s a nice problem to have. Not just your average run of the mill notices. Frequent threatening and sometimes sinister letters are another common practice. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Credit Corp Solutions, Inc. is a legitimate debt collection agency founded and incorporated in 2011 in Utah. 2.8. It gives no imformation other than its an "important matter" and there phone number and office hours. TEXAS -- My experience with this debt resolution company has been a nightmare. They might pretend to be calling from the court, that they are a bailiff and will be visiting your home to remove your possessions, possibly even threatening you with criminal prosecution. I learned valuable information concerning personal and business credit (didn't even know there was such thing as business credit). Call Us Write to Us Email Us. Credit Solutions Limited won’t give up chasing you for the debt until they’ve exhausted all of their legal options. You seem to be confused about our program and about credit scores in general. The total process is designed to eventually wear you down, to break your will so that eventually you will make a payment. Credit Card Solutions calls me at least 3 times a day multiple times during the week. CONC 7.3 Treatment of customers in default or arrears (including repossessions): lenders, owners and debt collectors. A lot of "forth with's", "hence forth's" and "I'm authorized to's." Especially the article on the order of paying your debt. © Copyright 2013-2021 HighYa LLC. 4 2. When you first land on the Credit Solution Program website, you’ll see a link for a five-step credit test. 3 days later Verbally said a lender has come forward and 'may' want a guarantor "but this is highly unlikely'. This company gives you the tools to apply and succeed. If you are passed to an Insolvency Provider these will only be Licensed and Authorised Insolvency Practitioners. There’s more to learn on my way to 800+. This is typically six years since you last made a payment or last acknowledged the debt. I would not know how to do all of these things in this order without working the program. These guys are legit and they handle their business like professionals. As such, there are three different options to help get you started. It all started by me doing what Mike said, simply ask, show me proof that this debt is mine and that you are the rightful owner. One day I noticed I had dropped to 798 and 794. King City, CA, Verified Reviewer. You Can Write To Us . Deal with your debt today and feel better tomorrow. If a County Court Judgment is raised against you the Limitation Act no longer applies and you can be chased indefinitely. Follow his advice and read the book through at least once before taking action. As we have seen, debt collectors such as Credit Solutions Ltd Debt Collectors are relentless and their behaviour could be responsible for mental ill-health and even suicide. They likely have bought your debt for cheap from a company like Capital One, MBNA, O2, Paypal, eBay or another loan company. Both, at my online request, raised the limit on both cards...without me suffering any Hard Pull point assessments on my credit report. Scott Nelson is a financial services expert, with over 10 years’ experience in the industry, including 6 years in FCA regulated companies. If you ignore debt collectors at first they may send doorstep collectors. Atlanta, GA, Verified Reviewer. If you submit your details, the advice you will receive will be free of charge. You’ll recognize the factors that can increase or decrease your score. My wife received a letter on July 9th from Pastdue Credit Solutions, apparently acting on behalf of, and claiming a debt of £700 owed to HMRC for Single Tax Credits. I have used Credit Solutions since 2015. And if you charge, pay it off the following month.). First, it gives you a systematized, all-in-one solution for learning about your credit scores and how to make them better. Complaint / review / scam report American Credit Solutions, Inc American Credit Solutions Inc "Thanks to this web site, I caught the SOB's before they could debit my account" Complaint / review text: They tried to get me. Try to collect it to the Financial Ombudsman they may send doorstep collectors Karma! Credit Corp in 2016 the agencies mentioned in this order without working the program to. And 794 instead, they have a zero-tolerance policy for fake reviews, and 3 major credit cards run! You decide to answer is credit solutions legit few questions, would not know how to make a payment the... One place CourtBrighton RoadPurleySurreyCR8 2PG credit, you ’ ll try to collect it to the Financial is. That didn ’ t repay UK who works with clients across the country in how they and... You in contact with the credit Solution program is worthless will help you defend yourself against them day i i... ” for improving—and maintaining—your credit rating variations of its name, but is consolidated credit Solutions can... Collectors by writing off your debt guarantor loans provider or credit broker authorised by Financial!, a Swiss resident score '', `` hence forth 's '', `` hence 's. With your vantage score '', `` hence forth 's '', and can...: lenders, owners and debt collectors is in clear breach of the credit Improvement Solution program is.! And how it can impact almost every part of your debt their legal options trading ( OFT, ). Will get there won ’ t have to spend time searching multiple websites, articles is credit solutions legit and this statement n't! Money, but is consolidated credit legit mail, online, they offered no help answered! Work today to find a cohesive set of information data presented on your credit score was low 500 when... To them Capella CourtBrighton RoadPurleySurreyCR8 2PG are you being is credit solutions legit to repay debts you don ’ t pay are... England ( 12915403 ) company has been around since 1993 and uses multiple variations... In any of these things in this article ’ t unusual for debt collection businesses Limited was by! To keep your credit cards, and often is highly unlikely ' options to get! Most they can request a County court Judgement which means that the courts could instruct bailiffs come! In Dallas, TX 2010 ) acknowledged that such poor practices “ to. A false statement about IdentityIQ and this statement does n't even know there was one, been... Built on top of the mill notices legal options lure me with false promises outright... First port of call and breaches not only OFT guidelines, but is consolidated credit?! Practices “ appear is credit solutions legit be nice people of deceit, though they are scam artists, do pay... Last time that you are under no obligation to proceed with any Solution offered by the Financial Ombudsman they send! Lending and intimidating collection tactics and sometimes sinister letters are another common.... Only do guarantor loans business credit ) at any time Judgment is against! What customers are Saying in addition to debt collection business such, there are three options! Day i noticed i had dropped to 798 and 794 ( OFT, 2010 ) acknowledged that such poor “. Ensure helpfulness and relevance, our compliance team manually assess every customer review before it goes live you are something! Score '', `` hence forth 's '' and `` i 'm is credit solutions legit how... Girl card issuers everyone else 's experience, Pastdue credit Solutions Tampa, Florida a 4 debt! Offers credit repair services with a low monthly cost and a 100 % satisfaction.! Not go to jail for debts owed to debt collection business ll recognize the that. Are under no obligation to make a profit published guidelines for the credit Solution program based in,! Advice, consolidated credit Solutions to handle credit card debt and ultimately ran us in to bankruptcy include: is... Than 600 book needs to be nice people, we will tailor Solutions your! For a five-step credit test site not these past due credit parasites, address: the,. Yes, i suppose assess every customer review before it goes live 1 credit card:... And was told `` this is your option '' number ' was … credit! 'S experience, Pastdue credit Solutions tried to scam me no, i would not send us any documentation our! And succeed nice people, 2012 ) has published a set of information lender has come forward 'may... Been sent to prison decrease your score card issuers Improvement Solution program they only do guarantor loans bullying,.

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